Fedsmith poll: View of UN more negative

70% of respondents say they have a “less favorable” view of the UN as a result of recent world events.

Recent events have brought the functions of the United Nations into focus for Americans. Federal employees are well-educated and generally keep up with world affairs and are directly impacted by the potential of a war on Iraq. So, this week, we asked our readers this week if recent world events had impacted their view of the UN.

About 70% of those responding said that the recent events had made their views of the UN “less favorable.” 17% said the events created, in their view, a “more favorable” view of the UN.

Not surprisingly, the issue generated a strong reaction from some of our readers. Here are a few of the comments:

“The UN as a body should be ashamed of their actions.”

“The United Nations seems to offer countries a political forum for their personal objectives other than seeking world peace.”

“…[S]top Nation Building–this is including GIVING billions if not trillions of taxpayer dollars away to anyone other than it own citizens.

“I enlisted to defend and serve the United States of America, her people and her elected officials. I enlisted to serve one Commander in Chief, The President of the United States, NOT the United Nations.”

“Much of our recent problem at the UN was self-inflicted, including our own Secretary of Defense calling the French and Germans “irrelevant” and serious miscalculations on the part of the administration.”

Thanks to all of those readers who took the time to send their comments on this issue.

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