Feds support military action against Iraq in new poll

Majority of respondents support action against Iraq

Federal employees taking the Fedsmith poll on the use of military action in Iraq overwhelmingly approve of the decision to take military action.

Approximately 68% of the respondents say that they approve or strongly approve of the decision by the US to take military action against Iraq. While this is not a scientific survey, the results closely match a national survey taken a few days ago on the same issue.

Approximately 31% disapproved or strongly disapproved of the decision to use military action. The remainder of respondents had no opinion on the issue.

We received a number of comments on this issue–some of them fairly lengthy. Here are a few sample comments:

“I am convinced this action or one similar to it should have been taken by the previous administration. If it had, I believe we possibly would NOT have experienced 9/11. History teaches that when nations attempt to pacify agressor nations, the results are always catastrophic.”

“Now that the war has started, all Americans should support our troops and the safe return of as many as possible.”

“Although I strongly oppose the actions taken by our government to initiate the war against Iraq without the support of the United Nations, I strongly support our military personnel with prayers for their safe return.”

“I approve taking action against Iraq however our actions have not been swift enough. Don’t be like the elder Bush and Iraq or Johnson in Viet Nam. If you’re gonna do something do it swift and devasting and get it over with. Don’t drag it out.”

“We waited too long.”

“I feel strongly that we should have pursued diplomatic channels for a longer period of time. However, my disapproval of sending troops to Iran at this time should not be interpreted as disapproval of our troops.”

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