International stocks lead TSP returns in September

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By on October 2, 2003 in Current Events with 0 Comments

Small company stocks took a breather from their recent rapid rise. As the United States emerges from a recession small company stocks have been headed up. The small company stock fund available to TSP investors is still running at the head of the pack for the year with a 32.78% return in the past twelve months. But it didn’t do so well in September. The S fund was down 1.35% last month.

The C fund didn’t do much better. It also gave investors a 1.14% negative return for September but this fund is also up for the past twelve months with a 24.16% positive return.

The international stock fund, on the other hand, did very well. It was up 3.08% for September as its performance was the highest of any TSP fund for the month. The I fund is up 25.89% for the past twelve months.

The F fund also turned its performance around last month. After losing 3.41% in July and turning a meager .73% in August, the F fund was up 2.68% in the past month. The bond fund is still lagging way behind the bond funds though as F fund is up 5.49% for the past twelve months.

The slow, steady, consistent G fund returned .40% for September. It has had the least favorable return of any other TSP investment for the past year as it is up 4.08% for the past twelve months.

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