I Fund Continues to Shine for TSP Investors

TSP stock funds continue to reflect the signs of an economic recovery with the I fund leading the pack for the past five weeks.

How are your TSP investments doing right now?

The past year has been very good to investors in the federal TSP program. While September and October are often the months many investors would like to avoid because they are known for some of the most dramatic stock market declines in history, that has not happened this year. 2003 has rewarded those investors who have stuck with their investments despite the sometimes sorry investment experience for the Fall months.

As the economy continues to show signs of recovery, the rate of return for stock funds also continues unabated.

For the period of September 15 – October 21 the I fund is again leading the pack with a return of 6.94%. The I fund also did better for investors than other TSP investments for the entire month of September with a return of 3.08% for that month (see the links on the left hand side of this page for more information).

The small company fund (the S fund), has also been a profitable one for your retirement funds. This fund has a return of 4.1% for the period of September 15 – October 21 while the C fund (the common stock fund based on the S&P 500 index) has returned 3.21%.

The F fund has remained stable for this period without showing a gain or loss and, as always, the G fund shows its slow and steady gain for investors (although it does not always keep pace with the inflation rate.)

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