OPM Authorizes Additional SES Pay Raises

OPM authorizes SES members to receive an additional pay raise in 2004.

As with many (perhaps most) government employees, some senior executives were understandably concerned about their pay. The SES is converting to a new pay system and there are some unanswered questions about how this conversion will impact the SES’ers.

One immediate concern has been alleviated though. OPM Director Kay Coles James sent a memo to agency heads this week that allows agency heads to give SES members raises this month. Another increase later in the year is also possible (but not assured) later this year when the SES converts to a new pay system. When that conversion occurs, the SES pay cap will increase to $154,000.

James says in the memo: “Because of the extraordinary circumstances of this situation, in that we are implementing a new performance-based pay system for SES members within an extremely short timeframe, I am delegating responsibility to the heads of executive departments and agencies to approve limited exceptions to the 12-month rule.”

James goes on to say that “additional pay adjustments may be granted to individual senior executives under this authority as long as the senior executive’s rate of basic pay does not exceed the rate for level III of the Executive Schedule consistent with OPM’s interim regulations.”

The exemption expires after conversion to the new pay system.

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