Top ECQ and SES Mistakes to Avoid

Stack of paper resumes identified by the word 'resume' at the top of them with a magnifying glass sitting on top of them

Executive Core Qualifications are an integral part of the Senior Executive Service application. Be sure to avoid these mistakes in crafting your resume.

A Better Approach to SES Mobility

Involuntary moves are part of potential job duties of SES members. The author provides some suggestions on how to improve the mobility program.

In Transition: A New Handbook From SEA

The Senior Executives Association has issued “A Handbook for Political Appointees” designed to answer questions and help Trump administration political appointees adjust to their new positions. The release of the handbook comes during a presidential transition that may be more challenging for political appointees than in years past.

Where Are the Carrots In the VA Accountability Bill?

The author says that the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act uses a carrot and stick approach to reforming the agency, but that it currently offers too many sticks for dealing with problem employees and not enough carrots to reward good employees.

SES Bonus Caps Rising in 2017

Federal employees in the Senior Executive Service will be happy to know that the cap on agencies’ allowed bonus spending is increasing next year.