What Do You Call A Co-Worker That Receives A Cash Award Up To 35% Of Their Salary?

Bush Announces recipients of 2004 Presidential Rank Award winners.

What would you call a co-worker who just became eligible for a cash award of 35 percent of their base pay? Fortunate? Lucky? Hard-working? Perhaps, but you may also end up calling them a 2004 Presidential Rank Award winner.

Office of Personnel Management Acting Director Dan G. Blair recently trumpeted the news that President George W. Bush’s recipients for the 2004 Presidential Rank Awards had been selected. Each year, the president honors an elite group of career members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), and Senior Level (SL) and Scientific and Professional (ST) corps who are selected for their outstanding leadership accomplishments and service over an extended period of time in some of the nation’s most critical positions in the federal government.

“This award is given to those federal employees who have demonstrated excellence in their careers, and the selected individuals have successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements,” stated Blair. “It is an honor just to be nominated. Those selected should be very proud of their accomplishments and this high honor.”

Blair said President Bush conferred the rank of Distinguished Executive on 55 members of the SES, and the rank of Distinguished Senior Professional on 5 members of the SL/ST corps. In addition, 284 members received the rank of Meritorious Executive and 24 received the rank of Meritorious Senior Professional.

The rank of Distinguished Executive or Senior Professional may be awarded to 1 percent of the approximately 7,800 career members of the SES and SL/ST corps and includes a cash award of 35 percent of base pay. The rank of Meritorious Executive or Senior Professional may be given up to 5 percent of the career SES and SL/ST corps, and includes a cash award of 20 percent of base pay.

“This year’s recipients represent some of America’s best, and I look forward to their contributions in the future,” Blair added.

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