Who Will Receive Your Vote for President of the United States?

How will you vote in this year’s presidential election (or how did you vote if you have already voted)? Take this survey and send in your opinion. We will publish the results later this week.

Throughout the long primary campaign and the election campaign, FedSmith has periodically asked readers about their preferences and the issues that were the most important at that time. This is the last survey that will be taken before the election.

The results of these reader surveys often track the results of national polls. In many cases, the surveys foretell how the national polls will come out in the near future. Federal employees probably pay more attention to political events than the average American for several different reasons and often react quicker to events or trends that do not show up in national poll results.

Some readers have undoubtedly already voted if they live in states that have early voting. If you have already voted in this year’s presidential election, how did you vote? If not, how will you vote when you cast your ballot–or are you still undecided?

Feel free to send in your opinion along with taking this survey and explain what issue(s) had the biggest influence on your voting choice. This survey is anonymous and any opinion you submit is anonymous. In fact, if you send in a comment, as sometimes happens, along the lines of "I selected this person because he is the best qualified person to be President," our program does not track which person you are referring to. In submitting your comment, please be specific with your observations and opinion.

We will select a few representative comments from readers to give others a better understanding of what readers say is important to them in making a decision on who to vote for in our upcoming Presidential election. We usually prefer to select comments that include a person’s agency and title.

FedSmith will publish the results of this survey later this week. Take the survey here.