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In the initial version of a column posted last week on Celebrating the Departure of a Political Appointee, I referred to an article in the Washington Post with the statement that "The article focuses entirely on the complaints about his tenure without as much as a passing reference to any specific accomplishments cited in his letter."

A couple of sharp-eyed readers pointed out that, in fact, the Post article included the following sentence: "…Bloch praised his own leadership, saying the agency ‘has made unprecedented progress in eliminating case backlogs left by previous administrations.’ " In addition, the Post column included the statement that "Bloch takes credit for increasing "our caseload capacity, resulting in a 400 percent increase in substantiated whistleblower disclosures and stepped up enforcement of job rights for military service members."

The error was my fault as I inadvertently posted a draft version of the article rather than the intended final product.

Thanks to those readers who took the time to point out the error and my apologies to readers and to the Post writer for having made this obvious error when posting the article in question.

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