How Much Money Do White House Staff Members Earn?

Have you ever wondered how much money the staff at the White House earns? We’ve compiled highlights from the 2010 White House annual report.

The growing federal deficit has been at the forefront of a lot of news reports and in the minds of many Americans recently.  It was a talking point for politicians in the November elections, and the White House is apparently taking it seriously with the President having proposed to freeze the salaries of federal civilian employees for 2 years.

With these proposed cuts to your salary coming out of the White House, are you at all curious about what the salaries of White House officials and staff members look like?  For those that may be, here is the White House’s 2010 salary information as reported in the 2010 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff.

You can review the data yourself and draw your own conclusions, but here are some statistical highlights:

  • The salary figures range from $0 per year (yes, you read that correctly) to $179,700 per year.  Obviously the President is not included in this range since he makes $400,000 per year and his salary is controlled by Congress.  You won’t find Joe Biden’s name on the list either, but for those wondering he makes around $230,000 per year according to Senate records.
  • The White House employes 469 people which is 17 positions less than in 2009.
  • The total payroll of the White House staff is just shy of $39 million, $38,796,307 to be exact if you add up all the annual salaries on the list. That is $350,915 less than the 2009 total payroll.
  • The average annual salary of every employee on the list comes out to $82,721.  The median salary is $66,300.
  • Some of the names on the list you might be most likely to recognize are:
    • Rahm Emanuel: $172,200/year
    • David Axelrod: $172,200/year
    • Lawrence Summers: $172,200/year
  • Each of those individuals made the same salary in 2009 as in 2010.

2010 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff (XLS)

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