AFGE Announces It Will Represent the TSA

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Transportation Security Administration employees across the country have elected the American Federation of Government Employees as their exclusive union representative with a 8903-8447 vote over the National Treasury Employees Union.

In response to the election results, AFGE National President John Gage said, “We are obviously thrilled with the election results, but more importantly are delighted that the Transportation Security Officers now will have the full union representation they rightly deserve. AFGE thanks the TSOs for their support and faith in our union.”

AFGE has said one of its first goals will be to end the Performance Accountability and Standards System (PASS) and move the TSA employees to the GS pay system. According to AFGE, “PASS is a threat to every federal employee. TSA employees can count on AFGE to stop PASS for good just like AFGE did with the ‘National Security Personnel System’ that Department of Defense employees faced.”

However, in the past, TSA has touted the PASS system as being a key means of keeping its employees motivated to work hard, thereby making travel safer. Under PASS, employees are rated at five levels and are eligible for merit raises, or a one-time bonus, if they attain ratings at the top three levels.

A Web site ( has been set up as part of AFGE’s representation of the TSA to disseminate new information to union members.

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