Issa/APWU Skirmish Grows as Union Expands Its Ad Campaign

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Updated: July 8, 2019 11:58 AM

In a letter to Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), American Postal Workers
Union President Cliff Guffey said that the ad campaign the APWU has been
running about how the Postal Service is funded is factually accurate
and the ads will not be pulled. Not only did the union move forward
with running the ads, but it is expanding the ad campaign with phase two
launching this week.

In the letter, Guffey said, “The APWU stands by the ad, which
dispels the myth that the USPS is funded by taxpayers. As you [Issa]
point out in your letter, ‘it is true that the Postal Service no longer
receives an annual subsidy for basic operations from the federal
government, and has not for some time.’ This is a smiple fact that the
ad accurately conveys to the American people. We reject your letter’s
attempt to obscure the fundamental truth.”

The new campaign the APWU is launching includes a radio spot which
began airing on July 18. It will run for three weeks on news and/or talk
radio stations around Washington, DC and other markets. The radio ad
portrays the same message as the television ad and asks, “Ever wonder
what this costs you as a taxpayer? Not a single dime.”

The other part of the new campaign includes a print ad which
appeared in Congressional Quarterly, The Hill, and Roll Call on July 15
and 18.

Issa had sent a letter to Guffey on July 11 asking that
the union not run begin an ad campaign about funding for the Postal
Service which Issa described as misleading to the American people.

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