SES Awards Drop in FY 2010 Under Pay Freeze

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By on December 6, 2011 in Current Events with 79 Comments

Federal employees have been under a pay freeze since the start of 2011, and that includes members of the Senior Executive Service. However, SES members were still eligible to receive performance awards, although the pay freeze imposed by the Administration limited the amounts of the awards agencies could distribute.

As a result, the amounts of performance awards for SES members across agencies in the federal government were lower in FY 2010 than in FY 2009.

The Department of Education had the highest average award in FY 2010 with an average amount of $17,840, although this was still 1.9% lower than the average amount from FY 2009.

The Social Security Administration had the lowest average award at $0, which is a whopping 65.4% lower than the previous fiscal year.

The average award amounts in FY 2010 break out for the major federal agencies as follows:

Chart showing average award amounts for SES employees by agency 

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