Rasmussen: 58% Think Federal Employees Earn More Than Private Sector Workers

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A Rasmussen survey released this week found that 58% of American adults surveyed believe that federal employees earn more money than private sector workers, and 64% said they believe private sector employees work harder than government employees.

The findings were from a national telephone survey of 1,000 adults conducted on October 2-3 by Rasmussen Reports.

These survey results are not new; in fact, back in April, we highlighted a Rasmussen survey released at that time which had almost identical results to the same set of questions.

In that same article, we highlighted the results of our own non-scientific survey which asked the same set of questions as the Rasmussen survey. Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of the responses we received were nearly opposite on some questions, indicating that  most respondents, the majority of whom are current or former federal employees, felt they worked harder and also earned less than comparable private sector workers.

What is your position on these issues? Do the survey results reflect most Americans’ perceptions of the federal workforce accurately, or are the bogus?

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