FEEA Expects Surge of Applications from Furloughs

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With sequestration now in effect, the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund is bracing for an avalanche of requests about furlough assistance for federal families.

FEEA expects to keep its regular emergency assistance program in place through any furlough situation. Employees will still need to meet the threshold of having trouble paying for basic living needs like rent/mortgage or utilities and the maximum no-interest loan amount will still be $1,000. No furlough loans will be made until an employee actually receives a “short” paycheck and meets the other loan criteria.

FEEA noted that the potential influx of requests will max out its budget, so it plans to prioritize requests, giving priority to situations such as eviction/foreclosure or utility shut-off. While the organization cannot help everybody, it said it will do its best to help as many federal employees as possible.

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