FLRA Acting Deputy General Counsel Appointed

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Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) General Counsel Julia Akins Clark today announced the appointment, effective March 11, 2013, of Peter A. Sutton as Acting Deputy General Counsel.

Mr. Sutton will replace Dennis P. Walsh who was recently appointed Regional Director for the NLRB’s Region 4 office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his new role, Mr. Sutton will have oversight responsibility for the operations and management of the FLRA’s Regional Offices. Mr. Sutton previously served as Acting Deputy General Counsel in 2009. Mr. Sutton started his career with the FLRA as an attorney in the Washington Regional Office in 1979. He became a Supervisory Attorney in 1983 and became Regional Attorney of the Chicago Regional Office in 1991. Since 2004, he has served as the Regional Director of the Chicago Regional Office. While serving as Acting Deputy General Counsel, Mr. Sutton will continue serving as the Chicago Regional Director.

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