Federal Workforce Demographics: Baby Boomers Dominate

A new analysis from the Partnership for Public Service profiles the federal workforce across areas such as race, gender, pay levels and occupational categories.

A new fact sheet released by the Partnership for Public Service profiles the federal workforce and shows trends in areas such as race, gender, age, pay levels, and top occupational categories.

Out of the 2.1 million federal workers, the data analyzed in the report show that top employing agencies are VA, Army, Navy, Homeland Security, and Air Force.

The largest occupational category is professional and administrative jobs, a segment which has risen 9.8% since 1998. On the flip side, clerical employees have declined 4.6% and are now one of the smallest segments.

Baby Boomers make up the largest portion of the federal workforce, representing over half of all federal employees in terms of age groups. And, not coincidentally, there has been concern among agencies of a mass exodus of employees due to reaching retirement age.

Regarding pay scales, the bulk of federal employees are mid to senior level grades with nearly 90% of employees working at the GS-10 level or higher.

The states with the most federal workers are DC, California, Virginia, Texas and Maryland, ones which you would generally expect to see given that Washington is the nation’s capitol. However, the report notes that over 77% of all federal workers are located outside of the DC area despite the base for federal jobs there.

For complete details, see the report below.

Federal Workforce 2014: Key Figures

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