How Many White House Employees Make Over $100k?

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The White House has released its annual disclosure of staff salaries with data for FY 2013. 151 staffers make over $100k per year with the total annual payroll for 2013 coming in at $37,859,780.

Annual salaries among White House staff range from $0 to $225,000. 22 staffers earn the maximum annual salary of $172,200, a figure frozen since President Obama froze White House salaries in 2010. By way of comparison, President Obama makes $400,000 a year which has been the annual salary for the president since 2001. Vice President Joe Biden makes $230,700. Members of Congress make $174,000 a year, an amount frozen since 2009. See also: How Much Did the President and Vice President Pay in Taxes in 2013?.

One White House staff member earns more than the $172,200 figure. Seth Wheeler earns $225,000 per year. Wheeler has been detailed to the role from the Federal Reserve where the pay scale is higher, a White House official explained.

Which staff members received raises?

According to an analysis by USA Today, the biggest raise went to Director of Scheduling Chase Cushman whose title was changed to “deputy assistant to the president,” which carried with it a 91% raise from $68,000 to $130,000. Two assistants to the president — Anita Decker Breckenridge and Kristie Canegallo — were promoted to deputy chief of staff, giving them $52,200 raises to the maximum salary of $172,200. Press secretary Josh Earnest got a 28% pay raise from $135,000 to $172,200.

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