Tooshlights – Coming Soon to a Federal Agency Bathroom Near You?

A company based out of Los Angeles has developed a product that it says reduces wait times in lines in public restrooms and hopes to begin marketing it to federal agencies in the near future.

If you ever find yourself wondering when the nearest bathroom stall at your agency’s workplace will free up, Los Angeles based ize-full wp-image-37612″ style=”margin: 12px;” src=”” alt=”Tooshlights Indicator Lights” width=”119″ height=”150″ />Tooshlights is an automated public restroom lighting system that communicates stall occupancy. It features a sensored setup that alerts patrons as to which stalls are available. The company says the LED lighting system expedites wait times, enhances security, and assures privacy.

Wireless technology in the system triggers the light to change to red or green. A green light above a stall signals that it’s open, and a red light signals that the stall is in use. A blue light indicates that a handicap-equipped stall is available, so the system can be used on both regular and handicapped accessible stalls.

According to Tooshlights CEO Allen Klevens, “Our idea is not to say ‘Hey, we are going to make your line shorter. We are showing people where to go, which will, in turn, make the line go faster.”

Although the company has not yet begun marketing to the government, Klevens hopes to see the product in federal agencies in the near future. He hopes to apply for a GSA contract to facilitate government sales.

Would Tooshlights be a success in your agency’s restrooms? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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