Fallen Federal Employees to Be Honored with American Flags

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Federal employees who die in the line of duty will now be honored by having flags given to their beneficiaries according to an announcement from OPM.

The flag recognition benefit authorizes agency heads to furnish flags to the beneficiaries of employees who died of injuries incurred in connection with their employment as a result of criminal acts, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, or other circumstances as determined by the President.

“I’m happy to report that today OPM issued a regulation that gives us another way to honor our fallen Federal employees by providing their loved ones with an American flag to pay tribute to their service and to their ultimate sacrifice,” wrote OPM director Katherine Archuleta. “I encourage loved ones who would like to receive a flag to contact the personnel office of the Federal agency where the employee worked. The benefit applies only to employees who died on or after December 20, 2011, when the Civilian Service Recognition Act of 2011 took effect. The law authorizes an agency to provide only a single flag on behalf of a deceased Federal civilian employee as a way to express the nation’s deepest sympathy and gratitude.”

The final rule with complete details has been posted in the Federal Register.

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