Millenials are the Happiest Federal Employees

Results from the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) indicate that a substantial majority of millennials like their jobs with the government.

Results from the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) indicate that a substantial majority of millennials, individuals born after 1980, like their jobs with the government.

The survey found that that 61% of millennials are satisfied with their jobs and 62% would recommend their organization as a good place to work. 83% say their supervisors treat them with respect and 66% say their supervisors support employee development indicating a strong level of trust in their managers and leaders.

Millennials also believe that their work with the government is making a difference. 86% say the work they do is important and 80% indicated they can see how their work relates to their agency’s goals and priorities.

What areas did millennials feel need improvement? Only 1 in 3 Federal millennials said that creativity and innovation are rewarded in their organizations; and only 34% were satisfied with the opportunities they have for career advancement.

Millennials currently make up 16% of the federal workforce, mostly concentrated in the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Agriculture and Interior departments. While those currently working in these positions indicate happiness with their jobs, the retention rate of millennials in the federal government is low, with most staying with their department an average of only 3.8 years.

2014 FEVS - Who are the Millennials?

Speaking on the FEVS results, OPM director Katherine Archuleta said, “I am not surprised [by the survey results]. I have traveled around the country meeting with young Federal workers, veterans and college students. They all have something in common: They are looking for work that is purpose-driven and where they feel they can make a difference. And the new FEVS survey results show many millennials are finding just that in Federal service.”

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