Sunday Differential and Night Differential

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Q:  Enjoyed your article on Sunday Work, 25% extra.  I noticed you did not discuss Sunday [and] Night Differential pay[s together].  Are there any different rules for the 35% extra when I work Sunday Night as part of my regularly scheduled work week?

A:  No, the only thing to keep in mind is that when you work a regularly scheduled shift on Sunday night that is part of your basic 40-hour workweek each form of premium pay, that is the Sunday differential and the Night differential, is figured independently.  So the Sunday premium will be 25% of your basic pay without any additions, and the Night pay is computed as 10% of your basic pay without any additions.

Some people I’ve spoken with thought they would get the Sunday premium pay computed on their basic pay plus the night differential.  But there is no pyramiding of the differentials, each one is figured independently and then added to your rate of basic pay.

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