Maximum Earnings Limitations on Federal Pay

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There are statutory provisions that can cause your pay to be much less than you expect after you’ve worked overtime or other premium hours, such as work at night, on a holiday or on a Sunday. The author explains how these work.

Holiday Pay Following a Day Off

I am a midnight shift employee. If I am off on Sunday night but work the night of the holiday (in this case Monday), do I get holiday pay being that I worked a part of the holiday?

Sunday Premium Pay and Travel

May an employee choose to waive Sunday premium pay and work just base rate on Sunday? For instance, if an employee travels on Sunday, can he claim to work on Sunday but not claim premium pay?

Scheduling for Known Work Requirements

Our facility has a sign up roster for staff to volunteer to work extra hours. Those who volunteer are allowed to record Compensatory Time for the extra hours worked, but they are not allowed to claim Overtime or Night Differential pay for the hours worked. Is this acceptable?