How Much Did the President and Vice President Pay in Taxes in 2014?

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By on April 10, 2015 in Current Events with 0 Comments

Image of Obama and Biden

The president and vice president have released their 2014 tax returns.

The Obamas reported reported an adjusted gross income of $477,383 and paid $93,362 in total tax, or 19.6%. They also donated $70,712 of their income to 33 different charities. The Obamas also paid $22,640 in state income tax according to their Illinois return.

The Bidens filed joint federal and combined Delaware income tax returns. They reported adjusted gross income of $388,844 and paid $90,506 in total federal taxes, or 23.3%. Their Delaware income tax bill was $13,661. Dr. Jill Biden also paid $3,777 in Virginia income tax. The Bidens contributed  $7,380 to charity.

If you are curious how these figures compare to last year, you can see what the president and vice president paid in taxes for 2013.

Tax returns

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