OPM Takes Background Check Database Offline

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Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta said in a recent blog post that the agency had to take its e-QIP system offline for four to six weeks because of a vulnerability discovered within it. E-QIP is a web-based platform used to complete and submit background investigation forms.

She stressed in the blog post that it was not being done because of malicious activity and apologized for any inconvenience it caused.

The complete blog post is included below.

As our team at OPM continues to work tirelessly to fortify our data systems with stronger security upgrades, I wanted to notify our Federal family that we have taken the e-QIP system offline temporarily. E-QIP is a web-based platform used to complete and submit background investigation forms.

I recently ordered a comprehensive review of the security of OPM IT systems. During this ongoing review, my team and our interagency partners identified a vulnerability in the e-QIP system. Out of an abundance of caution, I have asked that the system be taken offline until stronger security enhancements are implemented.

I want to be clear that we are proactively taking this action to ensure the ongoing security of our network. This decision was not in response to direct malicious activity on this network, and there was no evidence that the vulnerability was exploited by an adversary.

While we add these security enhancements to the network, we expect the e-QIP system could be offline from four to six weeks. All of us at OPM recognize and regret the impact this action will have on both users and agencies, but please know that the team is working hard to quickly implement these security upgrades so that we can resume this service as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, we will be working with our partner agencies on alternative approaches to meet the needs of our customers.

I want to personally apologize for the inconvenience, but know that we take very seriously the responsibility OPM holds in securing Federal employee data. Improving OPM’s IT security posture is the utmost priority as we work to recruit, engage, and honor America’s talented and hardworking Federal workforce.

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