Senior Executives Are Happier Than the Employees They Supervise

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The Partnership for Public Service has released a new report which shows that on average, members of the Senior Executive Service are more satisfied with their federal careers than other federal employees.

The Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte Consulting LLP examined data from the 2014 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® data derived from the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. What they found were two key differences between SES employees and the rest of the federal workforce.

First, SES employees have a much higher overall satisfaction with their federal jobs, and second, among SES members who have been in government for less than 10 years, training and development replaces pay as significantly influencing satisfaction and commitment.

SES employees had an overall Best Places to Work satisfaction and commitment score of 81.8 out of 100 in 2014, 22.3 points higher than the rest of the federal workforce. The gap was more than 20 points in 2013 as well. Additionally, the gap sometimes more than doubles when it comes to performance management. The Partnership for Public Service noted in its report that senior leaders will need to take steps to address this disconnect if they expect to connect with and successfully motivate their employees.

Have you noticed this disconnect in your agency between leadership and the employees? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A copy of the full report is included below.

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