House Panel Advances Legislation Making It Easier to Fire VA Employees

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By on July 16, 2015 in Agency News with 0 Comments
Image of Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL)

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL)

A House panel has advanced legislation that would give the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary sweeping new authority to fire corrupt or incompetent employees for cause.

The bill advanced through the committee along a 14-10 party line vote. Democrats called the bill an attack on VA employees and unions.

Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), the bill’s sponsor, said it’s about changing the status quo at the VA. In a statement, Miller said, “There are some rotten people in the department who need to be fired. This is about what’s right. The status quo doesn’t work. Are you going to stand with the veterans or stand with the bureaucrats?”

For details on the VA Accountability Act, see: Legislation Would Make It Easier to Fire VA Employees.

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