SSA Employees Owe $21.8 Million in Delinquent Taxes

A recent report from the Inspector General at the Social Security Administration shows that a small percentage of employees at the agency collectively owed $21.8 million in delinquent taxes as of FY 2013.

The Office of Inspector General for the Social Security Administration said in a recent report that employees at the agency collectively owed $21.8 million in delinquent taxes as of FY 2013. That amount is owed by 2,452 employees which represents 3.92% of the SSA workforce.

The IRS considers an employee delinquent if he/she has unresolved Federal income tax in the form of a balance owed and/or an unfiled tax return. The IRS excludes employees who have installment agreements.

The chart below shows the delinquency rate among SSA employees from FY 2006 to FY 2013. The rate showed a slight overall increase over that time period.

Image showing SSA employee delinquent taxes 2006 to 2013

The table below breaks the delinquent rates out by grade level. GS-08 employees had the most delinquencies, however, GS-07 employees had the highest percentage of delinquencies among their pay grade level.

FY 2013 SSA Federal Tax Delinquency Count by Grade Level

Pay Plan Grade Total Workforce Number of Delinquent Accounts Delinquency Rate
Federal Wage System 223 15 6.7%
GS GS-01 to GS-04 268 13 4.9%
GS-05 1,383 56 4.1%
GS-06 1,437 72 5.0%
GS-07 1,710 138 8.1%
GS-08 11,039 609 5.5%
GS-09 5,049 290 5.7%
GS-10 431 30 7.0%
GS-11 16,833 558 3.3%
GS-12 11,842 383 3.2%
GS-13 7,051 181 2.6%
GS-14 2,801 64 2.3%
GS-15 748 14 1.9%
Administrative Law Judge 1,485 26 1.8%
Other Pay Plans (Senior Executive Service and other administrative positions) 243 3 1.2%
Total 62,543 2,452 3.9%

The IRS issued a report earlier this year showing that as of FY 2013, current federal civilian employees collectively owed just over $1 billion in back taxes. This amount was comprised of 116,169 employees, so the SSA figures for the same fiscal year account for about .02% of the total.

The complete report is included below.

Tax Compliance for Social Security Administration Employees

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