Who Should Be President in 2016?

Who should be the next president of the United States? Here is your chance to share your opinion.

The process for electing the next president is now well underway. The first Republican presidential debate was recently held to showcase some of the many candidates on the Republican ticket, and a number of polls showed that voters thought that Donald Trump came out ahead in that debate. FedSmith.com users also said in a survey they thought he won the debate.

As of the time of this writing, the first Democratic presidential debate has not yet been held but is scheduled for October 13.

The field of candidates is a crowded one to be sure, particularly on the Republican side with 17 declared candidates as of the time of this writing.

Now that the list of candidates on each side has become more solidified and the positions of some of the candidates have become clearer, we were curious to know who federal employees plan to vote for in the upcoming election.

Our survey on this subject is now closed, but you can read the results in this article: FedSmith.com Users Like Trump, Sanders for President in 2016.

You are welcome and encouraged to discuss the election in the comments below. We realize that politics is often an emotional topic for most people, so we request that those who express a written opinion will take the time to make intelligent and professional observations on the issues or candidates that refrain from insults or are otherwise derogatory/unprofessional in nature. Please remember that this is a public forum that can be read and observed by anyone, so consequently any comments made here become seen as representative of the federal workforce as a whole.

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