Chaffetz Still Wants OPM to Fire Its Chief Information Officer

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By on December 14, 2015 in Agency News with 0 Comments
Image of Donna Seymour and Jason Chaffetz

OPM CIO Donna Seymour and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) recently reiterated his desire for the Office of Personnel Management to immediately fire its Chief Information Officer Donna Seymour.

In a letter to OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert, Chaffetz said that Seymour is “unfit to perform the duties for which she is responsible.”

Chaffetz sent the letter in response to a recent investigator general report which noted that OPM’s awarding of a contract for identity theft monitoring was in violation of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements, a process which Seymour managed.

Chaffetz also said in the letter that he has expressed a “lack of confidence” about Seymour on five separate occasions and that he was again urging the “immediate removal” of Seymour from her position at OPM.

A copy of Chaffetz’s letter is included below.

2015-12-10 Chaffetz Letter to OPM Urging Removal of CIO

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