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From an extra half day off on Christmas Eve to guidance on the new locality pay areas, here are the posts you read the most in 2015.

What were the most popular posts on the FedSmith Blogs site in 2015? Here are the topics you read more than any others:

  1. Guidance From OPM on Extra Half Day Off on Christmas Eve
    Most federal employees will have time off on the afternoon before Christmas. There are exceptions. This OPM memo explains some of the exceptions and why some employees may still be charged or lose some leave on the day before Christmas.
  2. About 102,000 Feds to Get Pay Raise in New and Expanded Locality Pay Areas
    About 102,0000 federal employees will receive a pay raise with the addition of new locality pay areas and adding a number of new counties to separate locality pay areas.
  3. AFGE Says New Locality Pay Areas Approved for 2016
    A published report contends that new locality pay areas will be approved for implementation in January 2016.
  4. Who Would Be Impacted by New and Expanded Locality Pay Areas?
    The proposed changes to locality pay areas would impact federal employees across the country. The proposal would not only add 13 new locality pay areas, it would also add to existing ones.
  5. OPM Releases New List of FAQs on Data Breach
    The Office of Personnel Management has revised its list of frequently asked questions with new information on the data breaches that hit its computer systems and compromised the personal data of current and former federal employees.
  6. Information From OPM About Cyber Attack
    What officials believe may be the largest cyber attack to ever hit government computers has potentially impacted the personal data of at least 4 million current and former federal employees. The Office of Personnel Management has provided this important information to the federal workforce to help them safeguard their personal data.
  7. Federal Employee Groups Disgusted With President’s Proposed Pay Raise
    Federal employee groups have been expressing their displeasure this week with the president’s proposed pay raise for 2016.
  8. A Rare Event: FEGLI Open Season Coming Next Year
    The Office of Personnel Management has announced a rare event: there will be an open season in the near future for the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI).
  9. OPM Announces New “Limited Enrollment Period” for Self Plus One Enrollment
    In addition to the regular open season, OPM has announced a limited enrollment period for enrolling in the new self plus one program (with restrictions).
  10. How to Be a TSP Millionaire
    The rising stock market has increased the number of federal employees who have balances of $1 million or more. Some of our users have said it is not possible to achieve this milestone, but one of our readers says it most definitely is and shared her strategy with us.

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