SEA Searching for Permanent President

The Senior Executives Association announced today that it is seeking a permanent president.

The Senior Executives Association announced today that it is seeking a permanent president.

According to Chair of the SEA Board of Directors Barbara Pabotoy:

“We are actively searching for top flight candidates to become SEA’s next President and to help the Association achieve its key missions of improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the federal government while advancing the professionalism of career executives, including enhancing career development and public recognition of the extraordinary contributions of federal senior executives and professionals. Becoming the President of SEA represents a great opportunity to serve our nation and the career federal Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Professional (SP) Corps.”

SEA recently named Tim Dirks interim president until it could permanently fill the position.

Interested applicants can review the vacancy announcement below which also includes information on how to apply.


Job Title: President, Senior Executives Association (SEA) and SEA Professional Development League (PDL) 

Open Period: January 4, 2016 to January 29, 2016

Compensation: Starting base salary dependent on relevant qualifications, skills, abilities and experience. Selectee will be eligible for future salary increases and cash bonuses based on performance criteria to be established by SEA’s Board of Directors. 

Position Information: Full-time  

Duty Location: Washington, D.C.

The Organization: The Senior Executives Association (SEA) is a nonprofit professional association that promotes ethical and dynamic public service by fostering an outstanding federal career executive and professional corps, advocating the interests of senior federal executives and professionals (both active and retired). SEA provides information, support, representation and services to SEA members. The members of SEA represent all Cabinet-level departments, as well as most administrative and independent agencies, commissions, and corporations. 

SEA’s Mission: is to: improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the federal government; advance the professionalism of career executives; advocate the interests of career federal executives and professionals and, through SEA’s Professional Development League (PDL), enhance career development and public recognition of the contributions of federal career executives and senior professionals. 

The Position: Becoming the President of SEA represents a great opportunity to serve our nation and the career federal Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Professional (SP) corps. This is a full-time position located in Washington, D.C. The President reports to an elected Board of Directors comprised of federal career Senior Executives and Senior Professionals.

Duties and Responsibilities: This position has a wide range of duties and responsibilities. The President serves as the primary spokesperson for the SEA and PDL, representing the Association’s interests before Congress, the media, other good government organizations, and federal departments and agencies including OPM and OMB.  In addition, the President is responsible for:

  • Overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of SEA and PDL through a small professional and administrative staff,
  • Developing and managing an annual budget and developing and executing a long-term financial plan for SEA/PDL,
  • Planning, directing, and executing a multi-faceted SEA marketing and membership recruitment and retention campaign aimed at increasing SEA membership at all levels,
  • Planning, directing and executing broad-ranging fund raising efforts for SEA and PDL, including working with SEA’s Director of Corporate Relations to increase private and non-profit sector sponsorship of SEA and PDL programs and activities,
  • Speaking at various SEA membership recruiting events and professional conferences and panels, and
  • Preparing and delivering Congressional testimony related to SEA’s mission and developing SEA positions on proposed legislation and government-wide regulations affecting the career executive corps.

Working with and through SEA staff, the President: reviews and ensures up to date content development and maintenance of the SEA website; edits and publishes SEA newsletters and Member Alerts, responds to press inquiries;   appears on radio and television as opportunities arise; engages and responds to individual member ideas and concerns; prepares agenda and background materials for SEA Board of Director meetings and the annual SEA Board retreat.

How to Apply – What We Need from You: 

This position is broad gauged, calling for skills, knowledge, abilities and/or experience in many areas.  Listed below are the types of qualifications, attributes and other factors that are most desirable in a candidate – knowing that any individual candidate will not necessarily possess all of them.  In submitting your resume and other supplemental materials you may choose, please address your qualifications relative to these factors.

Most Desirable Qualification Factors:

  • Building Coalitions and Strategic Relationships:Ability to build coalitions with other good government organizations, federal employee groups, members of Congress, non-profit and private sector organizations and other stakeholder groups to achieve common goals. Ability to influence/negotiate/persuade others while building consensus. Also important is the ability to develop networks and alliances and collaborating across boundaries to build strategic relationships via good communications skills, including public speaking, outreach and presentation abilities.
  • Strategic Planning and Creativity:Ability to establish an organizational vision and associated specific goals and to implement them, working with a variety of stakeholders, in a dynamic, changing environment.  Ability to seek and encourage new ideas and approaches in support of organizational vision/goals.  Ability to formulate specific objectives and priorities in support of organizational goals, while capitalizing on opportunities and managing risk.
  • Getting Results and Being Accountable:Ability to set and meet organizational goals and customer needs by taking actions and making decisions that produce high quality, enduring results.  Skill in holding self and others accountable for measurable, timely, cost-effective outcomes.  Ability to prioritize and optimize actions in a cost conscious operating environment, while making well-informed and timely choices and decisions. Ability to develop specific funding raising and membership enhancement strategies, working with a variety of potential partners, donors and other financial supporters. Skill in identifying new opportunities and continuously improving programs, services and processes.
  • Business, Financial and People Management:Skill in managing and overseeing business, financial, human resources and information systems in support of achieving organizational goals and priorities.  Ability to make effective use of people, technology, financial and contractual services in achieving success. Ability to effectively select, develop, motivate, train and supervise employees as well as plan, develop, justify, track and administer a complex organizational budget in a dynamic operating environment.

Other Advantageous Qualifications: 

  • Broad knowledge and understanding of the federal government, including working knowledge of how various branches and organizations interact in executive and legislative processes.
  • Good writing and editing ability and experience in public speaking and media relations.
  • Experience in working with/advising a Board of Directors on establishing organizational vision, policy, and goals.
  • Experience in successful organizational fund raising and/or business development.
  • Experience in successful membership targeting, recruiting and retention as well as provision of membership benefits and services.
  • Past or current SES or Senior Professional employee of the federal government with an understanding of these and related personnel systems.

What to Do and Expect Next:

Submit your resume and other supplemental background information to SEA Search Director, Marylouise Uhlig at no later than January 29, 2016 at 5 p.m. Questions may also be directed to Ms. Uhlig.

You will receive an acknowledgement that your submission was received. Applications will be evaluated and interviews will be scheduled. You will be kept informed as to the status of your application after the closing date.

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