Locating The Salary of a Postal Service Employee

How can you effectively use the search engine to locate individual Postal Service employees by name, location or by occupation? This is a basic overview of how you can search the updated database of Postal Service employees using individual or multiple criteria to find the results you are seeking.

Want to find the salary of a particular Postal Service employee?  FedSmith has updated the yearly salary figures for USPS employees at FedsDataCenter.com to include the latest available data.

Federal employee salaries are in a separate database. For details on how to search those, see Locating the Salary of a Federal Employee. The database for federal employees, not including those in the Postal Service, will be updated as soon as the information becomes available.

Here is how to use the Postal Service employee salary database.

Assume, for example, you want to find a Postal employee named “Jim Johnson”. To locate this individual, follow these steps.

  • First, go to the listing of individual Postal employee salaries.
  • Second, select the year you want to search (the latest year is 2016).
  • Enter the person’s last name and first name: “Johnson, Jim”
  • Click on the “go” button.

You can also select the number of people you can see on the page at one time (from 10 to 100 search results). In this instance, you will find there are four people in the database with this name (see the image below for an example of what this search looks like using the search form on FedsDataCenter.com).

Image showing the main USPS salary search form on FedsDataCenter.com


You can sort the columns once you have isolated the items you are seeking. For example:

  • Click on the “salary” column and you will see a list that shows those named “Johnson, Jim” starting with the lowest salary displayed first.
  • Click on the salary column a second time, and you will see those named “Johnson, Jim” starting with the highest salary.

In the image below, the salary has been sorted from the highest to the lowest salary using this method.

Image showing Postal employee salary search results filtered by name

You can also search using multiple fields at the same time. For example, if you are looking for a person named “Smith” who is a postmaster, follow these steps:

  • Enter “Smith” in the field for the name and “Postmaster” in the occupation category.
  • When you click on “go”, you will see there are 130 people named “Smith” with the occupation of “Postmaster”.

You can also then sort the list of 134 people by salary. The image below shows the postmasters named “Smith” and sorted so that the highest salary appears first on your screen.

Sample Postal employee salary data search results for postmasters named 'Smith'

You can also search by location. For example, if you want to find out the names and salaries of Postal Service employees in Winchester, VA sorted by salary, just type in “Winchester” in the location field. You will see all cities named “Winchester” in the United States. Select the “VA – Winchester” option to narrow your search to see only those in Winchester, Virginia.

Once you have isolated everyone in Winchester, VA, click on the “Salary” column to sort the names by salary. The first click will display the lower salaries first. The second click will display the highest salaries first. In this image, the search results display USPS employees in Winchester, VA with the highest salaries displayed first.

Image showing Postal employee salary search results filtered by location

Note that you will have to use the abbreviated titles used in the database. One way to do this is look at any list and see how the positions are listed to find the position you are seeking.

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