Legislation Introduced to Pay Veterans $20k for Loss of Sexual Organs

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Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), who is also the Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, has introduced legislation that would compensate veterans who have suffered a traumatic injury to their reproductive organs and who cannot have children as a result.

H.R. 4892 would pay affected veterans $20,000 in two separate payments of $10,000 for their injuries which could be used at their discretion, including for adoption fees or other personal expenses.

Under the wording of the bill, a veteran would be covered if s/he suffers the anatomical loss of one or more creative organs or the permanent or static loss of use of one or more creative organs. A covered veteran would have to submit to the Secretary a separate, specific application for each payment of special compensation.

In a statement on the bill, Miller said:

“This bill is about providing those who sacrificed more than most can imagine fair compensation and the opportunity to raise a family. If a veteran does decide to use this benefit to start a family of their own, the real winners would be the children. Who better to raise America’s next generation than the bravest of our current generation? But no matter how each affected veteran might utilize this benefit, one thing is clear: they earned it.”

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