Some Federal Employees Will Have a Chance to Voice Their Workplace Concerns

Have a concern or frustration about your agency or your job? You may have a chance to share your feedback in the upcoming Merit Principles Survey.

Federal employees who have concerns about their jobs may get a chance to share their feedback in the upcoming Merit Principles Survey (MPS).

The MSPB announced the survey this week in a press release. The agency said it conducts the survey periodically to “elicit views on the soundness of Federal merit systems.”

The MSPB also noted that their survey is different from OPM’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey in several important aspects, namely: it focuses on merit system principles and human resources (HR) policy and practice, it is administered only every few years instead of annually, and it uses a smaller sample size.

Topics in the 2016 MPS include employee engagement, fair treatment and nondiscrimination, recruitment and retention, sexual and non-sexual harassment, HR services, and addressing poor performance.

The MPS will be administered to approximately 120,000 Federal employees and managers in July and August 2016. Participation is voluntary and responses are confidential.

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