FedSmith.com Users Overwhelmingly Support Congressional Term Limits

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We asked our users in two recent surveys what their thoughts were on term limits for Members of Congress as well as the use of private tax collectors by the IRS. Our readers provided very clear answers.

Congressional term limits

The first survey asked users, “Do you support term limits for Members of Congress?”

The responses left no doubt where respondents stand on this issue. 94% of the almost 1,500 responses were in favor of term limits.

However, most respondents think it is highly unlikely we will ever see term limits enacted. In response to the question, “How likely is it that Congress will vote to place meaningful term limits on its Members?,” the responses broke out as follows (rounded off to nearest whole numbers):

  • Very unlikely: 78%
  • Unlikely: 20%
  • Likely: 1%
  • Very likely: 0.5%

Use of private tax collectors

We also asked our users what their opinions were about the IRS using private tax collectors. We had asked for input on this issue in the past, so we were curious to know if opinions had changed at all.

If anything, the responses show that our users are even more strongly opposed to the use of private tax collectors now than they were two years ago.

While this survey had fewer responses (140), the opinion of those responding was quite clear. Here is how the responses broke down:

Should the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) be required to use private tax collection firms?

  • Yes: 4%
  • No: 96%

Do you believe the use of private tax collectors would increase or decrease the amount of taxes the government is able to collect?

  • It would INCREASE taxes collected: 11%
  • It would DECREASE taxes collected: 56%
  • It will have NO IMPACT on taxes collected: 33%

Do you believe the use of private collection agencies would have any impact on the federal deficit?

  • It will INCREASE the federal deficit: 48%
  • It will REDUCE the federal deficit: 2%
  • It will have NO IMPACT on the federal deficit: 50%

Do you believe the use of private tax collection firms would have an impact on the number of jobs available within the IRS?

  • It will CREATE MORE jobs: 4%
  • It will REDUCE the number of jobs: 82%
  • It will have NO IMPACT on the number of jobs: 14%

Our thanks to each of you who took the time to share your feedback with us in these surveys.

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