Postal Service: Highest Paid Employees and Highest Averages

The searchable database for Postal employee salaries has been updated with FY 2017 data. Here are some statistics based on the latest available data.

The searchable database for individual Postal Service salaries has been updated with 2017 data at

The Postal Service has been reporting substantial losses for 10 years in a row with its most recent quarterly results showing a net loss of “only” $562 million, a significant improvement over the previous year in which it lost $2 billion.

The following tables reflect salary data in different categories. All information is from the database at The data for this free service are provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

Average Salaries

The overall salary levels for salaried employees in the Postal Agency went down between 2016 and 2017. That is not a surprise for an organization losing large amounts of money each year. Here are the average salaries for the two years for salaried employees:

2017 $57,696.21
2016 $58,136.26

Highest Paid Positions in the Postal Service

The database allows sorting of salary levels. Despite press releases that continuously display a dire financial situation for the agency, some salaries have gone up.

For comparison, here is a listing of some of the highest paid positions in the agency for 2016 and 2017. The titles are generally listed as provided by the Postal Service.

For 2017, there are 29 employees making over $200,000. There are 3,571 employees making over $100,000.

 Title 2016  Title 2017  Increase
CHIEF HR OFFICER 241,870.00 CHIEF HR OFFICER 257,220.00 6.34%
CHIEF MKT & SALES OFCR 250,335.00 CHIEF CUST & MKT OFCR 259,280.00 3.57%
DPMG/CHIEF GOV RELS 254,874.00 DPMG/CHIEF GOV RELS 266,700.00 4.60%
EXEC VP & CFO 248,632.00 EXEC VP & CFO 259,280.00 4.28%
EXEC VP COO 241,870.00 EXEC VP COO 257,220.00 6.34%
SECY USPS BD OF GOV 205,700.00 SECY USPS BD OF GOV 207,800.00 1.02%
VP AREA OPERATIONS 205,700.00 VP AREA OPERATIONS 207,800.00 1.02%
VP CONTROLLER 204,223.00 VP CONTROLLER 207,800.00 1.75%
VP DELIVERY OPRNS 199,920.00 VP DLVRY OPRNS 207,310.00 3.69%
VP FACILITIES 198,583.00 VP FACILITIES 207,800.00 4.64%
VP LABOR RELATIONS 200,549.00 VP LABOR RELATIONS 207,800.00 3.60%
VP NETWK OPRS 196,723.00 VP LABOR RELATIONS 207,800.00 5.63%
VP SUPPLY MGMT 196,617.00 VP SUPPLY MGMT 204,480.00 3.99%
 AVERAGE INCREASE: 2016-2017 3.84%

Highest Postal Service Hourly Salaries in 2017

Six of the highest paid hourly employees in the Postal Service work in Alabama. Here is the listing of the top 10 hourly paid employees.

Title Salary State City
Attorney 140,643 IL Chicago
Attorney 138,952 DC Washington
Annuitant 126,827 CO Denver
Oprns Research Analyst 122,340 DC Washington
Rural Carrier 74,944 AL Florence
Rural Carrier 74,944 AL Foley
Rural Carrier 74,944 AL Alexander City
Rural Carrier 74,944 AL Fosters
Rural Carrier 74,955 AL Daphne
Rural Carrier 74,944 AL Daphne

Highest Average Salary for Hourly Employees by Title

Title Salary
Attorney 139,798
Opens Research Analyst 122,339
Occupational Health Nurse 69,518
Annuitant 69,254
EEO SVC Analyst 68,391
Lead Customer Care Agent 61,295
Window Clerk 60,523
Lead Mail Processing Clerk 60,001
Post Office Clerk 60,001
Postage Due Tech 60,001

Highest Average Salary Locations

Here are the locations for the highest average Postal Service annual salaries. The Postal Service has a facility in small towns throughout the United States.

In the following table, the average salary for salaried employee(s) is high because there are only one or two salaried employees there. The database allows searching for all employees in a specific location. For example, just type in MD – Solomons in the location box to see all employees in that location.

State City or Town Average Salary
MD Solomons 115,042
MD Landover 111,519
MD Potomac 108,874
MI Wyandotte 104,412
PA Hegins 96,832
MA East Freetown 96,467
NJ Lanoka Harbor 95,583
OK Chelsea 93.291
VA Moneta 92,346

Locations with Most Employees Making Over $100,000

No. of Employees State City
1128 DC Washington
170 NC Raleigh
119 VA Merrifield
88 MN Eagan
75 CT Windsor
73 TX Dallas
66 CO  Denver
53 IL Carol Stream
50 CA San Diego
46 MO St. Louis
44 PA Pittsburgh
41 NC Greensboro
36 PA Philadelphia
35 CA San Francisco
32 TN Memphis
31 KS Topeka
30 IL Chicago
28 NY New York
25 CA San Mateo
24 MD Gaithersburg

All individual Postal salaries are available at The database can be searched by name, location and occupation. The data can also be sorted by column.

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