Bill Would Require Agency Heads to Submit Travel Logs to GAO

Recently introduced legislation would ban agency heads from flying first class on official travel and require more stringent reports on their travels.

Recently introduced legislation would require federal agency heads to submit their travel logs to the Government Accountability Office on a monthly basis.

The Formally List Your Travel (FLY) Act (H.R. 6061) was introduced by Congressman Ralph Norman (R-SC) and would also ban agency heads from flying first class.

The legislation is being introduced after recent criticism about EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s flying first class when on official government travel.

Under the terms of the proposed legislation, agency heads would have to submit their previous month’s travel logs to GAO at least once per quarter. If they failed to do so, the agency’s budget would be cut by 1%. Currently, a travel report is only required if over $5 million is spent on transportation.

Norman said in a Facebook post about the legislation:

By requiring the heads of the agencies to report their travel, those in power will be held accountable for how they utilize taxpayer dollars, encouraging them to do so efficiently and not abuse their position by going on luxurious trips.

The FLY Act would not only provide greater transparency for the American people, prevent those in high-level positions from abusing power, but it will also save hard-earned dollars in the long run.

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