Senators Object to Proposed Benefits Cuts

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A group of Senators have formally expressed their disapproval over proposed cuts to federal employees’ retirement benefits that were recently put forth by the Office of Personnel Management.

26 Senators sent a letter to OPM director Jeff Pon saying that the proposals will harm recruitment efforts within the federal government.

“As you continue to develop legislative proposals related to the compensation of federal employees, we urge you to move past draconian cuts that harm the financial security of federal employees in every state across the country, and instead commit to comprehensive reforms that modernize our government’s compensation system in a way that encourages the best and brightest talent to join the ranks of our dedicated civil servants,” wrote the Senators.

Pon’s original letter asked Congress to consider several legislative proposals to “bring federal benefits more in line with the private sector.”

Those were:

  • Eliminating Federal Employees’ Retirement System annuity supplements
  • Modifying annuity supplements from a high 3 average to high 5 average salary
  • Increasing contributions to Federal Employees Retirement System
  • Reducing or eliminating retirement cost-of-living adjustments

For details about each proposal and to read OPM’s original letter to Congress, see OPM Proposes Changes to Bring Federal Benefits Closer to Private Sector.

6.13.18 Federal Employee Retirement Letter

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