OPM Encourages Use of Workplace Flexibilities During Upcoming Metro Work

OPM is encouraging the use of workplace flexibilities for an upcoming Metro construction project.

The Office of Personnel Management is encouraging federal agencies to allow Washington, DC area federal employees to utilize workplace flexibilities while the Metro is under construction for the next few days.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced that starting August 11, Metro will conduct around the clock construction on a segment of the Orange, Blue and Silver lines resulting in limited capacity, crowding and delays. The construction will be done for 16 consecutive days.

Because of the potential to impact the commutes of some federal employees, OPM released an announcement reminding agencies to review their workplace flexibilities policies and procedures. OPM also “strongly encouraged” agencies to utilize workplace flexibilities while the project is taking place.

“OPM strongly encourages agencies to allow affected employees to utilize various workplace flexibilities throughout the upcoming improvement project. Ultimately, individual agencies are responsible for ensuring continuity of operations and are in the best position to determine which flexibilities are appropriate for their workforce,” said the OPM memo.

A copy of OPM’s memo is below. Employees should contact their local human resources offices with questions or for additional details.

Impact of Metro Construction on DC Area Federal Employees

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