Growing Bipartisan Opposition to the Proposed Pay Freeze

A growing number of lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are urging President Trump to reconsider the proposed 2019 pay freeze.

A growing number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pushing President Trump to reconsider his proposal to freeze pay for federal employees next year.

As noted in a previous article, more in Congress are pushing to cancel the pay freeze in 2019. A few readers asked if any Republicans were behind the effort. As that article noted, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA) has been leading an effort to cancel the pay freeze.

If there is any doubt about that, however, you can add several more Republicans who have gone on record as being opposed to the pay freeze.

A letter sent to President Trump last week by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to President Trump urged him to reconsider the pay freeze.

Led by Congressman Scott Taylor (R-VA), the letter’s authors say that the scheduled pay raise for federal workers is overdue and that “it would be a mistake to refuse our federal civilian employees this well-deserved increase.”

“While I appreciate the President’s efforts to be fiscally responsible, this sends the wrong message to our federal civilian workforce and could negatively impact our federal government’s ability to recruit and retain high-skilled employees,” said Congressman Taylor.

“There is a formula via law which creates adjustments that help mitigate the pay gap between federal and private sector employees as well as provide pay adjustments based on locality pay areas. Federal employees in the Second Congressional District must be properly paid for the contributions they make to our nation and its defense.”

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