NTEU Asks for Support for Federal Workforce in Shutdown

NTEU sent a letter to government leaders asking for financial support for federal employees amidst the partial government shutdown.

The National Treasury Employees Union sent a letter to government leaders this week asking for financial support for federal workers amidst the ongoing partial government shutdown. The letter was sent to the directors of OMB and OPM.

NTEU asked that once the shutdown concludes that paychecks be issued as quickly as possible to federal employees to help make necessary payments.

“In past shutdowns, administrations have directed payroll providers to act to provide delayed funds immediately following a lapse in appropriations, and I ask that in your respective roles you ensure that paychecks can be delivered as soon as possible,” wrote NTEU National President Anthony Reardon.

He also asked that cancelled leave be restored to federal employees after the shutdown concludes. Paid time off is considered an unauthorized debt to the government during a partial shutdown, so all leave is cancelled, but there is no guarantee it will be paid back once the shutdown concludes.

“While these [leave] days may be restored and re-credited to employees, I believe it would be beneficial for your offices to formally instruct agency heads to uniformly restore such days that are unable to be taken owing to the shutdown and through no fault of the individual employee,” wrote Reardon.

He also asked that the government provide letters federal employees can send to creditors as needed to inform them of the impact the partial shutdown has on their ability to make payments.

OPM has recently issued sample letters that can be sent to creditors, mortgage companies and landlords.

A copy of NTEU’s letter is below.

NTEU Letter Re: Support During Shutdown

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