When Will the Pay Raise Be Implemented?

One federal employee union has started asking the same question that FedSmith readers have been asking for days: When is the pay raise coming?

We have received numerous questions from our readers that all ask a variation of the same question: “When will the pay raise be implemented?” Our answer is always the same: We do not know, but we will provide any new information as it becomes available.

The 2019 pay raise was passed recently as part of the budget agreement reached in Congress. It overrides the pay freeze that was previously put in place for the year.

Now that it has been authorized by law, it must be implemented by the Office of Personnel Management and the payroll offices of various other agencies. Changes like this move at the speed of government.

At least one federal employee union has started asking the same question that our readers have been. The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) sent a letter to OPM asking for any update as to when federal employees can expect to see the pay raise in their paychecks.

“I would appreciate an update from you on when federal employees can expect the pay tables to be issued and when they might receive the increase provided by Congress. I look forward to hearing from you soon,” wrote NTEU national president Tony Reardon.

A copy of his letter is included below.

Bottom line: nobody knows when it’s coming. Right now, it’s hurry up and wait.

NTEU Letter Re: 2019 Pay Raise

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