Perspectives on the President’s Management Agenda

The President’s Management Agenda had its one year anniversary in March. A free e-book looks at how current leaders are approaching implementation of the Agenda.

The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) celebrated its one-year anniversary on March 20th.

The National Academy of Public Administration, with the expertise of many of its Fellows, took a look at how current leaders are approaching the implementation of the PMA. With the release of it’s e-book – Perspectives on the President’s Management Agenda – the Academy is identifying opportunities for improvement in both approach and program that can lead to better outcomes with respect to governance.

I wrote one chapter in the book. It also includes chapters by Don Kettl (University of Texas at Austin), David Berteau (Professional Services Council), Alan Shark (Public Technology Institute), Terry Gerton (NAPA CEO), and others.

The book is available from the Academy’s website as a free download.

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