TSP: Latest Facts and Figures

How large is the TSP now, and how do TSP investors allocate their investments?

The federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is continuing to grow. The TSP is a significant part of the future retirement income for federal retirees and many investors receive a government “match” that provides “free money” to future retirees so the program is very popular.

At the end of April, the TSP had almost $591 billion in the plan with over 5.6 million participants.

Average TSP Balances

Here is a breakdown of most TSP participants and their average TSP balance:

 Number of ParticipantsAvg. BalanceAvg. Roth Balance
Uniformed Services1,339,631$27,327$9,342

How TSP Investors Allocate Their Money

TSP investors have most of their money in the G Fund. This fund is often considered to be the safest fund because it has never lost money, although the rate of return is often higher in the stock funds.

The C Fund (which is based on the S&P 500 index of stocks) has the second highest number of dollars invested. The F Fund is the least popular fund among investors.

Here is how TSP investors have allocated their money in the TSP as of the end of April 2019:

FundDollars in BillionsPercent
G Fund$18731.6%
F Fund$20.93.5%
C Fund$171.929.1%
S Fund$62.110.5%
I Fund$25.74.3%
L Funds$123.220.9%

Interfund Transfers in April

In April, TSP investors withdrew about $820 million from the G Fund, $183 million from the F Fund and about $29 million from the S Fund. The C Fund received about $585 million into the fund; about $448 million was transferred into the Lifecycle Funds and about $20 million into the I Fund.

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