Senator Wants to Kick ‘Creeps’ Out of the Federal Workforce

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) wants to rid the federal workforce of individuals convicted of sexual assault.

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) wants to get federal employees who have been convicted of sexual assault kicked out of the federal workforce. She has introduced legislation that would ensure federal employees and contractors who are convicted of sexual assault face serious consequences for their actions, including termination.

“As a survivor, I understand the dire seriousness of addressing and combating sexual assault; it has no place in our society, including in the workplace,” said Senator Joni Ernst. “My straightforward bill will help ensure federal employees convicted of sexual assault—who are working on the taxpayer’s dime—are held accountable and face necessary consequences.”

The bill she has introduced is known as the Compulsory Requirement to Eliminate Employees who are Perpetrators of Sexual Assault (CREEPS) Act (S. 2647) and would give federal agencies and other entities employing personnel for the federal government the authority to remove an employee convicted of sexual assault or found to have committed such an offense by an administrative body while employed by the federal government. The bill also provides that such an individual is first given an opportunity for a hearing.

The legislation also stipulates that an employee of a federal agency or contractor would be barred from receiving a raise, bonus, or promotion for a period of five years after being convicted by a court or found guilty by an administrative board of committing sexual assault. Any contractor working with the federal government would be required to have mirroring policies in place.

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