OPM Outlines HR Flexibilities for the Coronavirus

OPM has provided detailed HR flexibilities that may be used on connection with the coronavirus.

The Office of Personnel Management issued a memo at the end of last week which outlines human resources flexibiiltlies agencies can utilize in dealing with the coronavirus.

OPM said recently that it had convened a task force to address the situation with the coronavirus outbreak. Meetings from this task force concluded that detailed HR guidance was needed to address the situation.

OPM said that the HR flexibilities it highlighted can be used by agencies and employees during periods when employees are subject to quarantine or isolation in connection with the virus.

OPM’s guidance addresses the various options of leave federal employees have at their disposal and when they could be utilized with respect to this unique situation.

Additionally, there are workplace flexibilities that could be used such as telework or alternative work schedules. OPM encouraged agencies to “maximize their telework capacity by entering into telework agreements with as many telework-eligible employees as possible and by conducting exercises to test employees’ ability to access agency networks from home.”

A copy of the human resources flexibilities document published by OPM is included below for reference. Federal employees with questions about their personal situations should seek guidance from their local human resources office and/or supervisor as necessary.

HR Flexibilities for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

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