Will You Be Using the New L Funds?

Do you plan to utilize the new L Funds when they take effect this week? Share your feedback in this short survey.

A group of new L Funds are launching in the Thrift Savings Plan this week. More funds are being added with target retirement dates every five years instead of every 10 years as has been done in the past. The L 2020 Fund will also be retired and rolled into the L Income fund.

The new funds will be labeled in this way:

  • L 2025
  • L 2035
  • L 2045
  • L 2055
  • L 2065

The new funds will take effect on July 1.

The survey is now closed. You can view the results here: FedSmith Readers Plan to Take Advantage of the New L Funds

Thanks to our readers who took the time to share their feedback in the survey!

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