When Can DC Area Federal Employees Get the Vaccine?

New information from the DC government offers a timeline as to when federal employees can expect to be eligible for the COVID vaccine.

New information from the DC government outlines upcoming vaccination schedules and when federal employees will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The March 15 Situational Update from the DC government outlined some timelines for vaccination schedules and to whom they will apply in the coming weeks.

Starting this week (the week of March 15), Postal Service employees and “essential employees in health, human, and social services organizations/agencies who were not vaccinated as outreach workers” are among those individuals who are eligible.

Beginning the week of April 12, essential employees in federal government agencies will become eligible. The memo notes that all essential workers must be working in person in Washington, DC, and it adds, “Essential employees are unable to execute their job functions remotely/via telework and are required to report for duty in-person during the public health emergency.”

Finally, beginning May 1, all Washington, DC residents who are age 16 and older and not included in any of the previous phases will become eligible.

Virginia and Maryland have posted similar information about their vaccine schedules and eligibility. Both Virginia’s website and Maryland’s website state that mail carriers (both Postal Service and private) and “officials needed to maintain continuity of government” are among those individuals currently eligible for vaccinations.

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