How Much Money is Left in the COVID Emergency Leave Fund?

When the money runs out, emergency COVID leave for federal employees ends. How much money is left in the fund?

How Much Money is Left in the COVID Emergency Leave Fund?

Federal employees have a special leave benefit available to them this year that was authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act which provides up to 15 weeks of paid leave for eligible federal employees. However, the emergency paid leave (EPL) is paid out of a special fund that was set up by Congress to cover the costs, and once that fund is depleted, the leave benefit will end.

So how much money is left in this fund and which agencies are using the leave benefits?

The Office of Personnel Management is tracking these data. OPM regularly updates a spreadsheet which shows the remaining balance in the fund.

I have included the spreadsheet in this article and will update it whenever OPM issues an update.

For additional details about the COVID emergency leave benefit and who can use it, see OPM Issues Guidance on COVID Emergency Paid Leave.

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